The Venue

a picturesque gem nestled in the heart of Florida

Imagine your perfect day unfolding on a large, enchanting property, adorned with a romantic courtyard illuminated by delicate string lights, creating a magical ambiance just for you.

When you celebrate with us, you know that your wedding will be surrounded by a breathtaking view of the shimmering Lake Panasoffkee: a picturesque gem nestled in the heart of Florida. Known to be a haven for anglers, it is also a dreamy sanctuary for nature enthusiasts, with the wildlife adding to the charm of your special event.

The captivating waterfall feature flows through a nearby canal on the property and enhances the natural beauty which becomes the backdrop of your wedding celebrations. Say your vows while surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant aquatic life. Lake Panasoffkee is the perfect location to experience an unforgettable beginning to your happily ever after.

The Facility

Nestled within a charming setting, our wedding venue offers a captivating experience that blends spacious elegance with natural beauty. The interior space, formerly a renowned restaurant, boasts grandeur with its vast expanse, allowing around 150 guests ample room to gather and celebrate your special day. This generous space offers endless possibilities for your wedding, from romantic candlelit receptions to lively dance floors beneath sparkling lights. The seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas creates a unique atmosphere where your guests can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our indoor/outdoor bar is a focal point of enjoyment, offering a delightful range of beverages to suit all tastes. With a keg hook-up for draft beer, you can ensure that your guests are treated to the freshest and most delicious brews. The outdoor area, situated on a picturesque peninsula, features a bonfire area surrounded by comfortable chairs, creating a warm and inviting gathering place where guests can share stories and create lasting memories under the starry night sky.

For the bride and groom, our venue provides separate, well-appointed spaces to prepare and celebrate before the wedding. These dedicated areas offer privacy and comfort, allowing you to pamper yourselves and share special moments with your closest friends and family. Additionally, our venue features a sweetheart swing, the perfect romantic spot for capturing breathtaking photos and a lover’s crossing bridge that adds a touch of enchantment to your wedding backdrop. These unique features ensure that your wedding at our venue will be filled with memorable moments and stunning photography opportunities, creating lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Cabin Rentals

Want to offer your guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of Lake Panasoffkee?

Lake Panasoffkee RV park offers three cabins and one house, each promising comfort akin to home. Ideal for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers, this peaceful haven blends the tranquility of the outdoors with the excitement of local wildlife, offering you a personal escape into nature’s embrace with all the comforts and conveniences of a home away from home.

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